zaterdag 23 oktober 2021


Download & Installation

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First download the zipfile Below.
extract the “Mario Maker Twitch Bot” folder and store it on a place where you can easily find it back.
In the folder you see a “Mario Maker Twitch Bot.jar” file.

On Windows you can Double click that file and and the program will make some folders and populate them with files needed to run.

On MacOs you need to hold the control button and double click.
select Open from the popup menu and a warning will appear.
This warning is telling you that “Mario Maker Twitch Bot.jar” is from an unidentified developer. You get this warning because i am not an Apple certified Dev.
if you press the Open button the program will make some folders and populate them with files needed to run.

If this doesn’t happen, then make sure you have Java 8 or above Installed.

You will see the Settings window appear in front of you.

Enter your Twitch name in the first field and the name of your bot in the second field.
You can also fill in your twitch name if you don’t feel like registering a separate account for your bot.

Then click on the large button and there you can login to twitch. if you use a separate account for your bot, then make sure you log in with the Twitch account of that bot.

When you press the Ok button the settings window will close and the Mario Maker Stream Bot app will appear.

To connect/disconnect to twitch chat go to File and click on the Connect/Disconnect option.

You can test if the bot is connected to your chat by typing the help command !levelhelp in your chat.


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