zaterdag 18 september 2021


Mario Maker Twitch Bot

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I am working on a Stream Bot That assists Streamers with collecting Mario Maker Levels from viewers.

At the moment i have a bot that connects to twitch chat and listens for two commands.

There is a command to add a level and there is a help command.

The Bot checks if a level is valid and and then adds the bot to the console that’s visible for the streamer.

The console is a list with all the levels and three buttons. there is a play button, a save button and a delete button.
When the Play button is pressed and a level is selected then the streamer could show the level info on screen with OBS / Xsplit’s dynamic read text from file function.

in the folder MM Twitch Bot is a folder called Now playing and in that folder are several text files that will be dynamically updated with level Code’s and such.

I wrote this Bot in Java so it will work on Windows, Mac and also on linux and yes even on a Raspberry pi XD


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