My First Flight with the OnagoFly Quadcopter Raw Footage


If you want a drone that does the flying for you so that you can concentrate on getting the perfect picture then this is not the drone for you.

As you can see I got an OnagoFly quadcopter drone flying camera thingy.
it’s a nice looking drone but it really doesn’t like wind.

it does fly and the camera is not horrible, they claim it’s the same camera sensor that the iPhone 6 has.

There is a lot of delay in the video signal so i won’t recommend flying this drone in FPV

if you think you want one after seeing this footage then you can go buy one at

but I recommend to save a little more and go buy a drone with a camera that is mounted on a gimbal

The flight time was about 8 to 10 minutes
and it takes about an hour to charge the battery.