The Main Settings

Here is a Summary of the Main Settings and what they do.

  • Auto Print If this is off then the program will only print when you manually print receipts. So you probably want this turned on.
  • Save all events to a log file This will save all incoming events in DCBP/Logs/Events I am planning to Remove this feature because since v6.0 there is an event System that could re-print events.
  • Select Printer Select the Target printer to send the receipts to.
  • Select Logo Mode There are three logo modes. DEFAULT, DOWNLOAD and CUSTOM For more info Check the Logo Modes Entry.

If this is the first time that you run this program, i will recommend to leave the logo mode to stay on Download and go to setting up Twitch first..

Logo Modes

There are three Logo Modes
  • DEFAULT This mode will display a printer icon on top of each Receipt and this mode is for very slow computers.
  • DOWNLOAD This mode will Download an image every time a receipt is printed. This will cost some resources and will not work well on slower computers.
  • CUSTOM This Mode will let you import your Twitch logo/avatar from and saves this on your Hard drive. This will work well on slow computers.