Setting up Streamlabs

The To Do List

Bugs that need to be fixed.

  • Unexpected error in worker thread java.lang.InterruptedException: null On startup (This error is caused by Twitch4j v1.5.1 They are working on it.) As far as i know the program works as intended.

Planned features

Items on this list are done in no particular order. Items can disappear from this list

  • OBS Websockets listener
  • Add a File Chooser to use logo's/avatars from Hard Drive. (Planned for the next release)
  • A button to remove Channelpoint entry's from the list. (Planned for the next update)
  • A button to Copy Chat triggers.

Things that are done

Version 7.2.1-Beta

  • BUG Fixed Fixed a bug that crashed the app when saving.

version 7.2-beta

  • Feature Added Advertisements. Advertisements are Messages that will display in chat on a certain interval.

version 7.1-beta

  • BUG Fixed StreamElements re-prints do not work when Streamlabs test-events are disabled.
  • BUG Fixed donations with made-up names crash the system.

version 7-beta

version 6.3.3

  • BUG fixed Program crashes when receiving an unknown IRCRawMessageEvent from

version 6.3.2

  • Improvement Less saving after Events have occurred.
  • BUG Fixed Program crashes on loading when no Printer is selected.
  • BUG Fixed LogoMode is not being saved at the first run.

version 6.3.1

  • BUG Fixed The program crashes when options are being saved.

version 6.3

  • Feature Added A Tab to print Custom receipts.
  • Improvement A better connection with Twitch Pubsub.

version 6.2

  • Feature Added Support for a custom channel icon.
  • Feature Added Printing Custom Receipts from announcements in chat.
  • BUG Fixed Some long messages are being Cut-off when checked for message length.

version 6.1

  • BUG Fixed Tips from Streamelements aren't printing.
  • BUG Fixed Create a method that checks for the maximum amount of chars used in a line.
  • Feature Added A Host cooldown timer to prevent re-hosting.
  • Feature Added A Raid cooldown timer to prevent re-raiding.
  • BUG Fixed Images on Bits / Cheers aren't showing.
  • BUG Fixed Receipt names were Hardcoded when printing.
  • BUG Fixed program crashes when a ChannelPoint Reward without a custom image is redeemed.
  • BUG Fixed Custom Title on Hosts aren't showing.
  • BUG Fixed Images on hosts aren't showing.
  • BUG Fixed Custom Title on Hosts aren't showing.
  • BUG Fixed Images on Raids aren't showing.
  • Feature added Added Currency When available in StreamElements donations.

Version 6.0

  • Stream Elements create settings GUI.
  • Stream Elements finalize listener.
  • EventHistory Table print functionality.
  • EventHistory Table remove functionality.
  • Create a method that stores userid's to prevent Re-follows from happening.
  • Redo the image system.
  • Support for Twitch Cheer Emotes in Header.

last updated October 14 2021